The First Time We Saw Your Face...

The First Time We Saw Your Face...
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chloe's Dollhouse


  1. What a darling doll house.
    I am bidding on a couple of items my friend Kim is selling. Her daughter has outgrown them and so she is selling them and then will give the money to charity...If I win them I am going to have them sent directly to you.
    I hope I win, cause they are cute and she takes very good care of her daughters clothes so I wasn't even concerned about them being hand-me-downs!
    How are you doing? I know how Kevin and Chloe are doing..but just wanted to check on you.
    Love, Norah

  2. Norah, I can always count on you to spoil my Chloe! I am doing okay, I suppose. It's tough, taking care of Chloe and Kevin most days, but if I was sick he'd do the same for me. Some days I would just like a reprieve, if you know what I mean! When he was first diagnosed, I thought about how terrible to bring Chloe home, only to have a daddy who is too sick to play with her. But now I know she is God's gift to us, making the hard days so much more bearable. We sure are thankful for her, and we enjoy the days Kevin is able to get up and play that much more.

  3. We have this dollhouse! Love, love, love it! Looks like Chloe is pretty happy with it, too! You know, it's just as fun for mommies!

  4. Sweet Chloe is your gift! She was special delivered at the perfect time for you all...think about it...there was never a better time for you all to go get her and bring her home....Praise God for His perfect timing!
    Mary you take care of yourself..and if there is anything you guys need...just yell...I can get to you pretty dang fast.
    Also my friend Wendi from Waco said that she had emailed you and you had emailed her back...she is such a sweet friend. We have been friends for about 20 years now...she has a wonderful heart. Her little Ellie is just darling too. I can't wait for Chloe and Ellie to meet...only wish I could be there too. By the way, I only won one dress...and it is being sent directly to you be on the look out for it...its really cute and I think it will be perfect for next spring even!
    Pretty soon it will be time for me to find a few little Fall/Winter things....happy shopping to me!!! ha ha
    Love you guys.

  5. Mary,
    I totally agree with Norah. She is your true blessing. I'm so glad that Kevin and she have this time together. She will be your strength. Take care of yourself.
    Oh,and the dollhouse is lovely. We have a few of the vintage Little Tykes houses that Holly had. I'm very happy I kept all of their things now.